Victor Robles

Consistently recognized as one of Bellevue’s Elite personal and group fitness trainers, Victor brings with him his background of professional boxing. Realizing his vision of owning his own hub of personal fitness with 23 Fit Club in 2017, Victor is extremely excited to share his expertise in fitness lifestyle with downtown Bellevue.


Adrianna Robledo

Adrianna brings an upbeat energy to all her classes and training sessions! Check out our group training sessions to try out book your first free trial class today!


Karen Keenan

Being one of 23 Fit Club’s original supporters and members, Karen has an adoring and steadily growing clientele base for over two years. Contact us to book a personal training session or join one of her group classes!


Wes Foster

A full spectrum boxing coach, personal, and group trainer. Wes will keep the intensity up regardless of whether it’s a one-on-one session focusing on your personal training needs or a group boxing session to get your conditioning in check.


Tanya Converse

Getting her personal training career started right here at 23 Fit Club, Tanya is extremely excited to work with you to meet your personal fitness goals!


Mark Frantz 

As owner of his own Elite personal training business, Foundation Fitness, Mark has chosen 23 Fit Club as his home gym to operate in. Mark’s coaching takes clients to the next level.  He trains with intensity and precision to get the results that all of our clients strive towards. 


Hayley Mahdieh

I first began lifting weights on top of physical therapy to help with my scoliosis. At the gym, I felt impassioned and in my zone. Towards the end of high school, I hired my first personal trainer and began educating myself of the basic principles of nutrition as well as training. This craving for knowledge also led me to later pursue my personal training certification. I began seeing my body for the amazing machine that it was. Lifting weights taught me that my strength comes from myself and I can achieve what I put my mind to.


Marc Hee

Marc brings with him 25 years of experience with various forms of Martial Arts. As a former amateur boxer, Muay Thai fighter and MMA fighter, Marc also has 10 years of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training. Currently booking training sessions now, contact us for some intimate one-one-one of group training!